MeMy name is Nicole Dell and I’m a paper pusher by day, writer always. I hope to one day own a small farm and possibly write full time. My love of books has led to a lifelong passion for the written word and a wide range of interests from speculative fiction, to horror, to historical. When I’m not sitting behind a computer or have a pen in my hand, I’m an avid photographer, reader, paint dabbler, violin novice and lover of all things cheese. I’m also teaching myself Russian because I want to learn another alphabet. Привет! (There’s a good chance that isn’t Hello in Russian.)

My short story “The List” placed 5th in the Writer’s Digest 84th Annual Writing Competition. I’m currently working on my first novel, a derivation of that short story. I’m not ready to share yet. Right now it’s my baby and I want as much alone time as possible before I share it with the world. BUT…I will share my favorite line so far – which is central to my main character and his struggles.

“When he closed his eyes, all he could see were the most exquisite brown eyes staring back, filled with nothing but love, that made him feel nothing but guilt.”

I probably find it more awesome then it is, but it’s the line that makes me most proud as a writer right now. I’m sure this will change as I write, edit, tweak and erase.

I like to write in coffee shops, away from the big, brown, pleading eyes of my two dachshunds – aka Trouble and Distraction. Like most doxies, they like food and walks (preferably every twenty minutes) and I’m a pushover when it comes to their demands. Plus coffee shops provide me with the endless supply of caffeine (Hazelnut Latte Addict!) that I need in order to stare into space and plot the demise of my characters. (Side note: I prefer my coffee cold, a habit formed while ignoring numerous cups while writing and the fact that coffee is simply better – cold.)

My favorite books change daily, weekly and sometimes even hourly. Today those books would be Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere,” Stephen King’s “The Stand,” and “The Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. I’m also a Shakespeare enthusiast and am particularly fond on a good tragedy, i.e “King Lear” or “Macbeth.”

Expect my blog, NicDellWrites, to stick to my writing process and books I find interesting. However, sometimes I may just stray off topic. The violin is cool too – seriously. Plus I paint like a second grader so any painting blogs are bound to be awesome and super informative.

Happy Reading!