I should be working on my book right now, but I’m struggling. My writing process is in this huge nasty funk and I’ve been ignoring the problems for a while. My book is split basically in two parts – 1995 and the present. My main character is in each of them. I have one other character (albeit different) that serves as point of view in the past and present. I’m fine with the 1995 character, but the present day character completely alludes me. I don’t know how to write her so I’ve basically been ignoring this part of my novel. It’s just sitting there glaring at me and starting to throw a huge tantrum because it’s being snubbed. This character is basically a version of myself. I know this deep down. However, I just can’t figure out how to make her work. She’s also in future scenes and works nicely there. I have that figured out. But in the present, I don’t know her. Also in the process of writing, I have discovered that I find it much easier to write my male characters then my female ones. Since I’m a girl, it’s surprising. I thought writing female characters would be easier. It’s amazing to me the things I discover about myself as I write.

Writer struggles are real!

I think my issue is that my book is speculative fiction. It’s very much set in the present real world, but also has numerous fantasy elements. I want to make sure her actions and motives are realistic to what someone would actually do. But at the same time, running away from danger doesn’t fit my plot. Being skeptical of strangers coming into her life, doesn’t fit my plot. Numerous thing I need her to do in order to advance the plot from point A to point Z, a normal person would probably not do. I need to balance the realism with my fantasy elements, because in way she’s the reader. She’s the one who represents what an actual human would do. I’ll figure this out, but it’s the most frustrating thing sometimes. I know the answer is staring at me in the face, but I can’t see it. I’ll either make it work or make changes. I’m sure others have similar struggles. Did you scratch characters when you couldn’t make them work, go the unrealistic route, or rework your plot? I don’t want to scratch her. I don’t want to go the unrealistic route. So that leaves me with reworking my plot to make her work within my novel, because she’s a very central character. The thought makes me sigh in despair as this seems like a never-ending process and I wonder if I will ever get there. The 60,000 to 80,000 word finish line is just over the horizon, but still unreachable. I’m starting to believe all writers need a motivational speaker in their corner – always.

Enough for now, I need to get back to my characters and work myself out of this writing funk.

Thanks for reading!


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